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This stunning handmade large daffodil is approximately 48cm tall and looks just lovely outside in the garden or inside in a pot…


Daffodils are only around for a short while during the springtime so it’s really great to have a way to keep them around for a while longer, by including these lovely daffodils is borders and displays.


The daffodil is the national flower which is worn on St David's Day in Wales on 1st March and it has been since the 19th century.  


The design of the daffodil does differ to most of the other flowers that we make due to the design of the leaves on the flower which originate from the lower part of the stem.


The metal has been polished and shaped by hand, prior to being coated with clear lacquer, to give these flowers a beautiful glossy finish.  This will delay the weathering process.


Because these are handmade, they are all very individual and special flowers, and all end up with slightly different appearance because of how the flowers and leaves have been shaped.

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