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How long does it take to make the flowers?

From start to finish, each flower takes between 2-3 hours to make.  The metal is cleaned, then they are shaped and polished before, finally given 3 coats of lacquer to give them a really shiny finish.

Do you keep all of the flowers in stock?

We do try our best to....but there may be times when we  have had a sudden rush on a particular flower, especially around Valentine's Day when our roses become extremely popular!   Feel free to give us a ring or email us if you need anything specific, especially in large numbers...

Can I collect my flowers that I purchase?

Yes, that's absolutely fine.  We are more than happy for people to come along to us to collect items they purchase. Just give us a ring first so that we can arrange a suitable date/time for collection.

Are these flowers for inside or outside?

Every flower that we make can be displayed inside, some in plant pots, some on shelves and some in vases.  The flowers in pots have been designed for indoors use only because of the fake grass they have within the pots.  All of the other flowers, if put on display outside will remain shiny for several months before the patina process begins (the rusting). They will then end up with a beautiful golden glow.

Do you have more photos of the flowers?

Yes, we have lots of photos on our Facebook page and more on our Instagram page and both links are on our Website pages.

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